New Culture and Education Association is a new Polish NGO's organization. The association was founded as the initiative of teachers, educators, coachers, as well as people who take on the culture meanings (music, art, journalism, music events). Founder-members of our association have got a lot of experience in adult education (courses, trainings, workshops) and the cooperation in international projects. We have a wide experience in the field of creating educational syllabuses. We are the active employees of the education and culture sector - both in public and private institutions. We made and still making manifold "soft courses" concerning interpersonal communications e.g. concerning conflicts solving, assertiveness), prophylaxis (e.g. aggression prevention, HIV/AIDS prophylaxis) as well as training courses in the field of didactics and classes methodology.
We have a big experience in working with parents, teachers, elder people- seniors (e.g.ICT education). In the project, we will bring our experiences in working with seniors and educational figures.

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