Following on from the European Year of Active Aging and Solidarity Between Generations in 2012 the main aim of the institutions involved in this project is to analyse the current situation of old people in the countries of the partners in order to identify adults' interests, community resources and support strategies to be included into a firsthand experience report in which ways to better integrate seniors in the active life of nowadays society to be promoted. Our intention is to advance the process of active ageing by giving the seniors the opportunity to share their knowledge, skills and experience, both at local and European level for an increasing integration in active life. We plan to have the seniors have their say by involving them throughout the project activities. (Designing the questionnaire, applying it, analyzing the data, writing the report and gathering the best practice examples.) But the most important thing, meeting face to face at each project reunion, will provide them with the real chance to personal development and increase of their self esteem. Based on the common work, experience and research carried out all through the two year time we will provide fundamented recommendations on how to organize and develop activities targeting seniors from the very first step of needs analyses to the final one of putting them into practice. The institutions partnering this project are from a wide variety of interests and backgrounds; they are different in their location – private or public sector – as well as in their size, scope and culture. This diversity will offer profoundness and extent to the project results; will add to the potential of learning from each other and arriving at innovative approaches and responses to the subject matter of the partnership.

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