The main goal of the project is to increase the level of parents’ awareness in the field of children's health habits.

Deterioration in children’s physical condition observed in all partners’ countries is a reason to start the project. Good health of children is threatened with such factors as low fitness level, bad dietary habits, obesity, psychoactive substances. Bad habits acquired in childhood have bad impact on one’s whole life and are difficult to break. The aim of our project is to make the parents aware of how extremely important their healthy habits are, because it is parents that form a basis for children’s healthy lifestyle.
Parents of children aged 8 - 14 will be invited to take part in the project. The age of 8-14 is the time when a child’s personality and his/her lifestyle strongly develop. In the first year of the project we'll conduct a survey among parents.
Results of the survey will enable us to define in a precise way what parents’ needs in the field of health education are. In the second year of the project all partners will hold in their local environments various educational activities. Institutions will take up specific form of actions (information campaigns or events promote various aspects of healthy lifestyle, e.g. workshops for parents; information campaigns in schools; local family contests promoting physical activity and games designed for whole families).
All actions held during the project will be presented on the project website. We will compile the information brochure promoting healthy lifestyle for parents.

The survey

Partners' meeting - Poland

Survey for parents

List of parents' needs

Workshop for parents

Partners' meeting- Palermo

Health promotion action


Evaluation- Report No 1

Evaluation - Report No 2

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