European Flirt-Expert

The project “European Flirt Expert” pursues the following objectives:
1) Sensitization, knowledge transfer and implementation of sex educative preventive projects with adolescents
Thereby strategies for building positive contacts between peers (Ferguson et al., 2009) and consensual sexuality should be developed.
- Positive, healthy elements should be implemented in the sexual behaviour of adolescents (Fegert et al., 2011)
- Adolescents should respect their own needs and the needs of their partners.
- Culture-specific dating-strategies (Fegert et al. 2011) should be recoreded and made transparent for a careful handling and more sexual well-being (Hazissa, 2011)
- Unclear communication like “token resistance” and “compliance” (Krahé, 2011) should be avoided
- Border violations, infringements and sexualized violence should be prevented
- The legal regulations should be made transparent and be made aware of
- The different legal regulations of the participating countries should be compared
2) Development of materials to spread the legal regulations. Adolescents (and adults) should be informed that regulations exist and
that sexualized infringements are not just morally reprehensible but that there is a criminal relevance also.
3) Development of products (e.g. comics, poster, spots, audio recordings…) by adolescents for adolescents with the aim to reach the peer group. The messages of the products concern non-violent communication, fun with flirting and dating (What is ok? What creates positive feelings?), consensual sexuality, information about sexuality, information about legal regulations and that sexualized infringements are not just peccadillos, stereotypes (“typically boys” / “typically girls”) etc.
4) Exchange and network between the project partners with the aim to develop and implement prevention work on an international level (transnational meeting, multiplier event, joint development of the youth workshops, etc.)
5) Conduction of an international study concerning the sexual health of adolescents to show the situation of adolescents in the different countries and the urgency of preventive measures and sex education.

Coordinator of the project:

Verein Hazissa - Fachstelle fur Pravention - AUSTRIA


New Culture and Education Association - POLAND

Fundacion Privada Indera - SPAIN


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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