NESTT: New European Settings for Teachers and Teaching

Nowadays the European challenges, like promoting common values of equality, democracy and citizenship which bring highly demanding tasks to education, that also demand for a (re) consideration of the school and teachers’ role all over Europe, it is a real problem whose path is simply a joint inclusion at a European level. The schools, which are strongly marked by that complexity, need urgent support, because they are confronting with: i) school dropout, ii) school failure, socio-economic and educational inequalities), and iv) refugees inclusion and ethnic minorities, contexts which require collaborative work among teachers, the development of trans disciplinary projects, and the search of new pedagogical and didactic approaches, in particular the inclusion through the teaching of arts, digital and networking. This project proposes two assumptions: “Yes, I Can” — by targeting a first approach to the student’s skills and, specifically, to those supporting the learning process, and “Teachers Make a Difference” — to highlight how teachers can make a difference in different educational contexts. Thus, it is essential to acknowledge, how students learn and how teachers are trained in the different partner countries and, according to that information, how teachers should be trained in order to deal with those realities, which seem to exist throughout Europe. General objectives: to understand the processes and the students' learning skills, in a way of promoting school success and an effective equality of opportunities; to reflect on the policies and practices related to initial and continuing teacher training, under the paradigm of lifelong learning; to develop teachers' innovative skills, scientific dimensions, didactics, pedagogical, social and ethnical skills; to promote a democratic and inclusive school, transforming it into a space of citizenship and equality for all the educational agents.

Coordinator: Casa do Professor

Reference Number: 2016-1-PT01-KA201- 022898

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