And that's over. Between 9th and 13th of April we've visited in Rathenow, the small city in Brandenburg. The meeting took place due to engAGE, the project focused on seniors - their needs and situation.

This time seven institutions from six countries came to Germany, exactly to Rathenow - a small, included nearly 20 000 settlers city situated near the Havel river. From each partners' institutions (Ireland, Norway, Poland, Romania and Turkey) we had the shortest way, so that would be a big mistake to not use the car to travel. And that's why we were the last team in Rathenow on the 9th of April.

The main task we worked on was the questionnaire for seniors, which will present their needs and wishes. The debate during the laying questions was very hard and, what can I say, difficult. The old truth happened to be real - where six countries, there seven ideas or just too many cooks spoil the broth, or something like that. But finally we handled this and during the next meeting in Olso (in August!) we'll work out the results of our surveys.

Project's meetings are not only focused on the work. These are also best practice exchanges. And that's why we had the opportunity to visit Berlin and Potsdam, meet the Major of Rathenow and taste very stodgy and salty cousine of Brandenburg.

The Next "Jamboree" in August. Then we will visit Oslo, Norway.

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