Next meetings of engAGE project are behind us. In August last year we visited Oslo and in November the meeting took place in Alanya, Turkey.

In Norway we have analysed the questionnaires' results which all of partners have done in their countries (Norway, Turkey, Ireland, Romania, Germany and Poland as well). Results, which is no surprise, were totally different, but we must remember that each country has its specific seniors' wefare system. But thanks to this survey we could the opportunity to compare wishes and needs of seniors in various cities. Each institution have presented its conclusions during the meeting with the president of Norwegian Trade Union. That was a really cool meeting.

It's very important to know various European cultures, that's why engAGE project offers all of partners comparing and knowing cultural differences among whole institutions taking part in the project. The idea called Best Practice Exchance gives us opportunities to know the history of each city and country, to meet key persons and institutions taking care about seniors in every area. This time we met with workers of OXLO and Norsk Folkehjelp and saw the library of Lorenskog and met with the major of this city as well.

Second meeting took place in Alanya, very beautiful, seaside town in Torkey. There we also analysed results of our questionnaires and prepared some conclusions about them. They are very sad for Poland: seniors' financial situation and countries care don't allow to give seniors this kind of attention which would be sufficient and needed for them.

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