Meeting in Poland was held within the days 1-5 July. Participants stayed in two hotels in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, “U Czwarnw” and “Stary Myn”.

In the frame best practice exchange of engage project some visits and some tasks were realized. It was done in order to get people arriving to Poland any idea how seniors in our country can realize their passions interests as well develop their skills and learn new ones. The other aim was to show seem to be essential for foreingers the influence of our history on national character and that how Polish look upon our place and role in the European Union.

The visit in the Town Hall of Grodzisk Maz. gave an opportunity to show the history, beauty and prospects of development of the town. It was also meeting with the local authority representative presenting lights and shadows of governing of the town of such a size.

The prestation about Universities of the Third Age in Poland showed the general view on this type institutions in Poland, their structure, legal frames, financing aspects and the most popular activities offered by them to seniors.

It was fallowed in the range of best practice ex-change with visiting the performance put on by the choir “Fermata” acting in the frame of U3A in Grodzisk Maz. The visitors could see seniors satisfied with developing their passion and additionally to meet some traditional Polish songs. They also had to realize a task - recognizing of sung songs titles and writing them down phonetically.

The next day participants could taste Polish Cuisine and the offered dish were dumplings. After lunch they visited local nursing house in Grodzisk Maz.

On Saturday the Engagers visited The Warsaw Uprising Museum They could find out how II WW looked like here in Poland, how the heroism of Polish people, barbarism of German and insensibility and political calculation of Russian, British and American influenced the next few dozen years of Polish history. Participants had a task: they had to find a calendar chart representing the number of the day equal to their birthday and learn what important happened on that day during Warsaw Uprising lasting. Then there was a short visiting of the Old Town before coming back to Grodzisk by train. After short time for refreshing all we met at Piknik restaurant for farewell party. Then certificates of participation in meeting in Poland were handed.

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